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We are very excited to announce that the Riverview School District has partnered with Final Forms, an online forms and data management service.


Registration for sports must be completed by both parent and athlete.  Athletes must have a valid physical on file with the athletic department, ALL online electronic forms submitted, sports participation fee and all fines paid.


In order to participate in the WIAA Winter Sports Winter season (Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Wrestling, Cheer) all online paperwork must be completed by Thursday, April 29th in order to be cleared to participate on Monday, 5/3/2021.


Registration is done online through Final Forms. Click here for Link to Final Forms


Your information is saved from season-to-season and year-to-year, making the registration process quick and easy. You may also register for multiple seasons at the same time. You will be required to sign your forms once per year and after any update.


Thank you for your assistance in streamlining our paperwork process in Riverview.


Jason Frederick

Athletic Director/Assistant Principal


Click here to view the 2021 Spring Sports Schedule


20-21 WESCO New Tentative Start Dates:
Please see below for Coaches e-mail contact information.

February 22nd-April 2nd Fall Sports: Football, Volleyball, X-Country, Girls Soccer and Cheer

March 30th-May 8th Spring Sports: Baseball, Fastpitch, Track, Boys & Girls Golf, and Boys Soccer

May 3rd-June 12th Winter Sports: Boys & Girls Wrestling, Boys & Girls Basketball




The following checklist is provided to assist student/athletes in meeting the requirements to participate in any activity:

To apply for sports participation fee waiver please complete both the  Request for Fee Assistance form and free/reduce meals form which can be obtained online at the Riverview District website.


Final Form Instructions

You will need the following information to allow for accurate completion of your online registration:


Registering a Student

1.    Visit https://riverview-wa.finalforms.com/

2.    Click LOGIN under the Parent icon.


4.    Select the sports for which you would like to register. Your selection can be changed at any time prior to the registration deadline.

5.    Complete each form and sign your full name in the Parent Signature field at the bottom of the page. After signing a form, click SUBMIT FORM and move on to the next form.

6.    You will see a “Forms Finished” message when all forms are complete.

7.    If required, an email will automatically be sent to your student, prompting them to complete the forms requiring their signature.

8.    Click MY STUDENTS when you are done. Repeat steps 3 - 6 for additional students.

9.    If you need to update your information, click the UPDATE FORMS button.



Medical insurance is required to participate in high school athletics.

If you do not have medical insurance, we provide information regarding student accident and health insurance coverage administered by Myers-Stevens & Toohey, Inc. Coverage is available for:

These low cost plans are used by many school districts across the state. Although they are not the only provider of this type of coverage, they have been recommended by our Washington Schools Risk Management Pool.


Students Who Do Not Attend Full-Time

Students are required to complete a WIAA contract if they do not attend the school full-time.


Running Start

If you are enrolled in Running Start, complete the Running Start and WIAA Eligibility contract PDF download , print your class schedule, and return to the athletic office.


Off-Campus Classes

If you are enrolled in any off-campus classes, complete the Alternative Education and WIAA Eligibility contract PDF download , print your class schedule, and return to the athletic office.


Home School

If you are home schooled, complete the Home Based Education and WIAA Eligibility contract PDF download , print your class schedule, and return to the athletic office.



Grade checks are run throughout each sports season. Please provide a copy of previous semester and most recent quarter grades. Failure to provide grades may make you ineligible for competition.


If you attend any other school for ANY classes, you must provide the Athletic Office with your grades from that school.





For more information regarding a sport or activity, please contact the head coach listed below.

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Winter Sports

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