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March Magnanimous

On Saturday February 28th (yes, I know) at 8:30 am we will be kicking off our 2nd Magnanimous Mile at the track. 

We will be accepting donations for Camp Korey with a $10 donation getting you a March Magnanimous shirt. You can run or walk, donate money or don’t donate money,  but either way put a group together and help us start this month of magnanimity the right way.

We are going to focus the end of our morning announcements during March on the idea and concept of magnanimity and want to hear from you.  If you wish to share a story or stat or data or challenge let Mr. R know and we will get you to the phone downstairs to share. One of the first days Mr. R will be challenging CHS to say hello to one person they do not know and ask that person their name.  So come up with your own thing, or beat Mr. R to this one and embrace the idea of making our “work place” an environment we can be proud of.