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Disclaimer : It is extremely difficult and time consuming to get all class notes uploaded to this website.  Every effort is made to keep these notes up to date, as well as get the most important and significant notes uploaded first.  These notes are also just a summary of what goes on during a particular class period.  They are intended to help in understanding difficult material and to assist students who have unfortunate absences.  These notes are NOT a substitute for attending and paying attention during class! Tests and quizzes may include information that does not appear in the following notes, but is relayed during class or through assignments. 

For dates with no link, there are not computer notes, and I suggest either getting them from a friend or looking in the book if you missed that day.  Dates of notes are based on 5th period, for 3rd period they may be slighlty different, so check the topic.


Chapter 7

11/17/17     Sect. 7.G:   Work on Maximization Problems
11/16/17     Sect. 7.F:    Quadratic Maximization
11/14/17     Sect. 7.E:    Quadratic Intersections
11/13/17     Sect. 7.D:    More work with Quadratic Models
11/9/17       Sect. 7.C:    Working to Build Quadratic Functions
11/7/17       Sect. 7.B:    Transformations on Quadratics
11/6/17       Sect. 7.A:    First Look at Quadratics