Cedarcrest High School

Science Olympiad

Cesar Sanchez, Advisor

The Science club will provide a place and resources for students who wish to complete the best science fair project possible. Club members will also be educated on the structure and the essentials of scientific research in a nurturing environment that will be supportive of students who will inspire great ideas. Club members will be educated on climate change and environmental science and how to promote a "green society".

Science Olympiad at the high school functions like a football or soccer team. It requires preparation, commitment, and practice throughout the year. Each school is allowed a team of 15 students, but may have many more members to work as apprentice members.

Science Olympiad competitions are like track meets. There is a series of 23 team events. The events cover topics that are covered in most high school curriculums, which allows for students with different science interests to get involved.  Emphasis is placed on hands-on group participation.

Our competition this year will take place in the spring. We are preparing year round.