Cedarcrest High School

Peer Tutoring


Fall 2017

Peer Tutoring


Students needing or wanting tutoring at no cost.


To help students who need or students wanting to help tutor.


Science, Math and English specific advisories.

Other locations at CHS will be posted.


During Science, Math and English specific advisories.

Fall 2017 during advisory and afterschool.

Contact Info:

If you have any questions or would like to help, contact Jake Tisdale at 425-429-8388 or at jake.tisdaleoo@gmail.com


Sponsors include: Math Teachers, (vice) Principal, LA Teachers, Advisors, Counselors, Tutors



“Peer tutoring usually resulted in significant cognitive gains for both the tutor and the tutee”. (Britz, Dixon, and McLaughlin 1989)


“Peer tutoring is the most cost effective way to improve both math and reading performance”. (Peer Research Laboratory 2002)


CedarCrest Hs

29000 NE 150th St - Duvall, WA 98019  


Fall 2017