Cedarcrest High School


Pamela Parks, Advisor

The purpose of the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) is to create a safe, supportive environment for our gay/questioning/ straight students and their friends.  The club meets twice a month on Wednesdays during advisory to discuss issues relevant to our students and how best to support our friends.  We are very proud that our student body and staff have been supportive of and receptive to our group.  Our students stick together and stand up for one another.

Our focus this year is on reaching out to other clubs.  Since our goal is to support our students whose gender doesn't fit into traditional roles, it is crucial that we create a safe space for them. 

Amongst the various activities we are involved with is our annual clothing drive, to benefit Hopelink.  We always invite Fashion Club to work with us.  This year, we had 1600 items of clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry donated. 

Our T-shirts this year are white T-shirts with black lettering, and we will have a tie-dye party with the National Art Honor Society to make them whatever rainbow-y colors we want.  We participate in Cedarcrest's Halloween bash, this year with a Velcro ball-toss game.  We also hold movie nights, in conjunction with the Film Appreciation Club.

For the past four years, we have worked with the Diversity Club on the Diversity Assembly in January.  In February, we will be working with many clubs to hold the Festival of Lights (glow-in-the-dark games at Cedarcrest).  There will be many more events this year that we need to decide upon.  Everything culminates in June when we march in the Duvall Days parade.