Cedarcrest High School


Advisors: Sarah Thomas and Seth Thomas

"Learning To Do, Doing To Learn, Earning To Live, Living To Serve" FFA Motto


The vet science team got 3rd place in the mount Vernon veterinary science competition. For the past several competitions they've been slowly improving, going from 7th to 6th and now 3rd. Brooke Downing and Madison Rose even got top 5 individually, getting 3rd and 5th respectively. We are all really impressed with how the team is doing, especially with the loss of several seniors last year (they will be missed). We hope the team continue this same advancement in state! 


April 24-  First in Bloom greenhouse plant sale! It is at the greenhouse at cedarcrest high school. It is 10 dollars a person. The event goes on from 6-8pm. The proceeding goes to help out the FFA students throughout the year. 


April 25-27- forestry state


April 26- from 2:30- 7:00 the green house will be open, selling plants.


April 27- from 8:30-3:30 the greenhouse will be open selling plants.


May 3- from 2:30-7:00 the greenhouse will be open selling plants. 


May 4- from 8:30 to 3:30 the greenhouse will be open selling plants (suprise).


May 8-12- state for vet science, farm and business, job interview and national chapter


CDE meetings:

Floral- Thursdays, during advisory and after school.

Vet science- Wednesdays, during advisory and after school.

Forestry- Tuesdays, after school.

Landscape- Wednesdays, after school.