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Cedarcrest High School and Tolt High School of the Riverview School District
in Carnation and Duvall, Washington

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Welcome! This site is dedicated to preserving yearbooks from the past for Tolt High School and Cedarcrest High School. 

Tolt High School was built in Carnation in 1914.  Tolt remained the high school for the Riverview School District serving Carnation and Duvall until September, 1993.  Through the 70's and 80's Tolt housed grades 7-12. Growth in the school district in the late 80's made it necessary for the school district to build a new school. In 1993 Cedarcrest opened in Duvall, replacing Tolt as the district's high school. At that time Tolt High School was renamed Tolt Middle School and housed grades 6-8, sending students in grades 9-12 to Cedarcrest.

For more information you can visit the Tolt Historical Society

For many years Howard Miller of Carnation supported Tolt and Cedarcrest as our link to the press, writing many articles about the accomplishments of our students for the Valley Record newspaper.
Click this link for a Riverviews article on Howard Miller


Tolt High School (circa 1914) Cedarcrest High School (2004)